What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program combining elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sport. Three characteristics differentiate CrossFit from other exercise programs:

Variance – Our program changes all the time. We vary sets, reps, load, speed – everything. Each workout is different and will challenge you in a new way. This approach keeps you and your body guessing and certainly keeps things interesting. That said, we do occasionally repeat some ‘benchmark’ workouts to gauge our progress and to help with goal-setting.

Functional – There are no bicep curls in our gym! Instead, you’ll find deadlifts, squats and presses; pullups, pushups and burpees; and more running and rowing than you can imagine! Our moves are unique in their ability to challenge the body and work more than one joint/muscle group at a time. In short, these movements are hard and many require skill and practice to learn. However, they are unique in their ability to produce results and that’s why we use them.

Intensity – In short, intensity is the variable that is almost always associated with results. It doesn’t matter what you want: bigger muscles, less body fat, more performance, etc. All of our workouts will challenge you like none other. However, intensity is an individual thing and what’s intense for one person might be easy for someone else. This is why all of our workouts are scalable and tailored to the individual.

A typical class at CFY starts with a 10-minute warmup. Since many of our movements are complex and need regular practice, we spend the next 10-15 minutes on skill work. Then, we begin the the workout, which usually lasts between 15-30 minutes and is executed at high intensity (again, intensity is relative to the individual). Once the workout concludes, we have a short cool down and stretch period.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to our gym. We are confident that no other strength and conditioning system produces the results that ours does.