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Why should we shame those who dismiss online profiles that don't measure up to their desired attributes when it happens all the time in "real life". It is hard not to agree with warnings on dating sites that tell users to take precautions when sharing personal information and especially when meeting in person for the first time. It is true that you don't really know the person you have met online, no matter how many e-mails you've sent, texts you've shared, and phone calls you've had. They could be a serial killer that filled your mind with lies. Then again, they could be a really great girl or guy next door type that is honest to a fault. Unless you put on your detective hat and perform an extensive background ck, interview landlords from the last 10 years and require references from employers, family and friends, you can't know what you are jumping into. But, isn't this the case when you meet someone the "regular" way, as well.

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