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The city sits next to Thousand Oaks , Moorpark , and Chatsworth. The city's population has been estimated at , [8] up from , in It grew as a commuter bedroom community for the cities in the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley when a freeway was built over the Santa Susana Pass. Simi Valley was once inhabited by the Chumash people, who also settled much of the region from the Salinas Valley to the Santa Monica Mountains , with their presence dating back 10,, years. Roughly 2, years later, as hunting and fishing techniques improved, the population increased significantly. Simi Valley's name derived from the Chumash word Shimiyi, which refers to the stringy, thread-like clouds that typify the region.

It grew as a commuter bedroom community for the cities in the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley when a freeway was built over the Santa Susana Pass. Simi Valley was once inhabited by the Chumash people, who also settled much of the region from the Salinas Valley to the Santa Monica Mountainswith their presence dating back 10, years.

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Roughly 2, years later, as hunting and fishing techniques improved, the population increased significantly. Simi Valley's name derived from the Chumash word Shimiyi, which refers to the stringy, thread-like clouds that typify the region.

Harringtonwhose brother, Robert E. Harrington lived in Simi Valley. Robert Harrington later explained the name: "The word Simiji in Indian meant the little white wind clouds so often seen when the wind blows up here and Indians living on the coast, would never venture up here when those wind clouds were in the sky. The word Simiji was constructed by whites to the word Simi.

There are other explanations about the name Simi, but this one was given to me by my brother who worked over 40 years for the Smithsonian Institution and it seems most plausible to me". The cave is located on private land owned by Boeingformerly operated by Rocketdyne for testing rocket engines and nuclear research. They camped near a native village in the valley on the 14th.

The name derives from Shimiji, the name of the Chumash Native American village here before the Spanish. Strathearn and family, served as the headquarters of the rancho. After Jose de la Guerra's death inthe sons of Jose de la Guerra continued to operate the ranchos.

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The end of their prosperity came when several years of drought in the s caused heavy losses. The De la Guerra heirs tried every legal means, but by the s, the Rancho Tapo also slipped from their ownership, as had the rest of the Rancho. Scott -who had made his money as an investor in the Pennsylvania Railroad during the Civil War.

His goal was to locate sites for oil, since the first oil well had been developed in Titusville, Pennsylvania just a few years earlier Within a short time, a 27 year old young man named Thomas Bard was sent west by Scott to manage the California properties.

Agriculture and ranching dominated the landscape through the s. Citrus, walnuts and apricots were all grown in Simi Valley. In the early s modern residential development began to take place. Four distinct communities also were located in the Valley see 'Four Communities of Simi Valley' section below prior to modern residential development. The population which was 4, in [35] doubled to 8, in The pioneers arrived in the late s - s In the valley there were also the communities of Santa Susana, Community Center and the Susana Knolls known first as Mortimer Park at different points in time.

Santa Susana - In the Santa Susana Train Depot was built, and the railroad was complete through Simi Valley, except for the tunnel, which was completed in Over time residential developments followed and the town of Santa Susana was born.

Community Center - In L. Roussey laid out the small development which became known as Community Center. The driving force behind this development was the need for a High School in Simi Valley, as well as an elementary school in a more central location in the valley.

Numerous houses were built in Community Center in the s and s. The Woman's Club club house was used by many individuals and organizations as a community meeting place.

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Mortimer Park the Susana knolls - The area that is now the Knolls was a nearly 1, acre parcel of land that was purchased by Mr. Lewis T. Mortimer in the early s. They planned on selling the lots for cabins, or vacation homes. The lots, however, were very small 30 x 50 feetand the Mortimers did not take the mountainous nature of the land into account, so quite often the lots were not buildable. Oftentimes several lots were needed to build structures. In the Garden Club, an active community organization in the area petitioned the county supervisors to change the name of Mortimer Park to the Susana Knolls.

The first attempt to incorporate the towns of Simi, the area known as Community Center and Santa Susana in was unsuccessful.

The art hologram. Records 1. Although presidents dating with pof! Why pay other dating for simi valley and group outing https://kaszubypl/signs-your-ex-is-dating-someone-new. Simi Valley was once inhabited by the Chumash people, who also settled much of the region from the Salinas Valley to the Santa Monica Mountains, with their presence dating back 10,, years. Around 5, years ago these tribes began processing acorns, and harvesting local marshland crossfityards.comy 2, years later, as hunting and fishing techniques improved, the population . Free online dating in Simi valley. 1, Daily Active Members.

The second attempt in was successful, with residents voting 6, to 3, in favor of incorporation. Susana Knolls is an unincorporated area of the Valley. The site was operated by Atomics International and Rocketdyne originally both divisions of the North American Aviation company.

The Rocketdyne division developed a variety of liquid rocket engines. Rocket engine tests were frequently heard in Simi Valley. The Atomics International division of North American Aviation designed, built and operated the Sodium Reactor Experiment, the first United States nuclear reactor to supply electricity to a public power system.

They proved that the boiling water concept was a feasible design for an electricity-producing nuclear reactor. The SSFL has been closed to development and testing. The site is undergoing investigation and removal of the nuclear facilities and cleanup of the soil and groundwater. In Julythe Sodium Reactor Experiment suffered a serious incident when 13 of the reactor's 43 fuel elements partially melted resulting in the controlled release of radioactive gas to the atmosphere.


The reactor was repaired and returned to operation in September, The incident at the Sodium Reactor Experiment has been a source of controversy in the community. Technical analysis of the incident intended to support a lawsuit against the current landowner The Boeing Company asserts the incident caused the much greater release of radioactivity than the accident at Three Mile Island.

In SeptemberThe U. Department of Energy sponsored a public workshop where three nuclear reactor experts shared their independent analysis of the July, incident. The center performed the design, development and testing of liquid metal reactor components for the United States Department of Energy from until The drawings within the cave have been termed "the best preserved Indian pictograph in Southern California.

The case known as the Rodney King Trials was based on footage recorded on home video by a bystander George Holliday. The now-infamous video was broadcast nationally and globally and caused tremendous response because the beating was believed to be racially motivated. On April 29,a Ventura County jury acquitted three of the four officers Koon, Wind, and Briseno and did not reach a verdict on one Powell. Many believed that the unexpected outcome was a result of the racial and social make-up of the jury, which included ten white people, one Filipino person, and one Hispanic woman.

Among the jury were three who had been security guards or in military service. The City of Simi Valley basically consists of the eponymous valley itself.

  Rep. Steve Knigh t will hold a town hall meeting next week in Simi Valley, his office announced Thursday. The event is sduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Rancho Santa Susana Community Center, E.

The syncline [49] Simi Valley is located in the western part of the region called the Transverse Ranges. The physiographical valley is a structural as well as a topographic depression. It is essentially a structural valley and not wholly the work of erosion. Both of these originate in the Santa Susana Mountains. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of Simi Valley has a mediterranean climate.

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Temperate variations between day and night tend to be relatively big. The mean annual temperature is The precipitation remains less than one inch for seven months - April until October, - while the precipitation exceeds four ins in the two wettest months - January and February. While the mean temperature is at its lowest at Simi Valley has been the victim of several natural disasters, including the flood ofthe storm ofthe lightning strike, as well as the Northridge earthquake and numerous wildfires.

Simi Valley has a warm and dry climate during summer when mean temperatures tend to be in the 70s. Wildfires do also occur here.

The city's climate cools during winter when mean temperatures tend to be in the 50s. Because of its relatively low elevation, the Simi Hills typically experience rainy, mild winters.

Snow is rare in the Simi Hills, even in the highest areas. The annual average precipitation in Simi Valley is Winter months tend to be wetter than summer months. The wettest month of the year is February with an average rainfall of 4.

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Simi Valley gets 18 ins of rain per year, while the United States average is Snowfall is 0 ins, while the U. The number of days with measurable precipitation is On average, there are sunny days in Simi Valley per year. An ct of Simi Valley's location, situated beside the Simi Hillsis that it lies in a high-risk area for the wildfires that sweep through Southern California's mountain ranges every few years. Simi Valley is also at risk for earthquakes. Inportions of Simi Valley received significant damage from the Northridge earthquake.

In autumnthe Simi Fire burned aboutacres. More than 1, firefighters worked against the tricky combination of dry brush, low humidity and temperatures in the high 90s along the line that divides Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

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The fire was later brought under control and extinguished, without serious injury. Three homes were lost in outlying areas, but none within the city limits.

The population density was 2, The racial makeup of Simi Valley was 93, Hispanic or Latino of any race were 10, persons Among Asian-Americans2.

The majority of Simi Valley's population was made up of Caucasian-Americans ; the largest groups of whites were The Census reported thatpeople There were 41, households, out of which 16, There were 1, 4. The average household size was 3.

There were 31, families The population was spread out, with 31, people The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were There were 42, housing units at an average density of 1, The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.

As of the census [61] ofthere werepeople, 36, households, and 28, families residing in the city. The population density was 1, There were 37, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the city was There were 36, households, out of which In the city, the population was spread out, with The median age was 35 years.

Census Bureau. The current unemployment rate was at 4. Simi Valley is considered a conservative stronghold politically, along with the neighboring City of Thousand Oaks.

Republican Kieth Mashburn has been the incumbent mayor since The Simi Valley as well as neighboring Chatsworth are among the most Republican communities in the Greater Los Angeles Areaand the 25th district is among the most conservative in the State of California.

Simi Valley's government uses the " Council-Manager " form of government.

The city council appoints both the city attorney and city managerwho heads the executive branch of the city government. The city manager appoints the various department heads for the city, and acts as the city clerk and city treasurer. The structure of the management and coordination of city services is: [95]. Simi Valley is home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Librarywhich has been visited by almost Bush, is housed and available for tours.

In the pavilion are various automobiles used to transport the president, as well as Marine One, the presidential helicopter.

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Many television series were filmed there during the s, such as Richard Carlson 's Mackenzie's Raiders though that program was set at the former Fort Clark near Brackettville in southwestern Texas.

InTressa Prisbrey, then nearly sixty years old, started building a fanciful 'village' of shrines, walkways, sculptures, and buildings from recycled items and discards from the local dump.

She worked for 25 years creating one structure after another to house her collections. The Mosaic Walkway is embedded with thousands of treasures-tiles, shells, doorknobs, irons, car ornaments, jewelry, dishware, scissors, guns, toys - everything imaginable that creates a timestamp of s post-consumer waste.

Bottle Village originally had more than 13 buildings and 20 sculptures. Although severely damaged during the Northridge earthquakeit was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in It is located at Cochran St, Simi Valley. The name derives from 'Shimiji,' the name of the Chumash village here before the Spanish.

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Two rooms of original adobe remain, part of the Strathearn home built in The Strathearn Historical Park and Museum, an open-air park that is owned and maintained by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, and is operated jointly with the Simi Valley Historical Society. The house is maintained as a historic house museum with typical period furniture and household displays.

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In addition to the Simi Adobe-Strathearn House, there are various historic buildings and structures that have been moved from their original site to the park, including the children's playhouse with toys, the St. The Montalvo Cutoff, a railroad line opened by the Southern Pacific Railroad on March 20,to improve the alignment of its Coast Line, runs east-west through the valley.

The station remained in use for the following 60 years until changes in the business model for railroads evolved that rendered the depot useless to the railroad. These trains, as well as the buses, run 7 days a week and stop in Simi Valley several times each day. The Simi Valley station is unstaffed; however, tickets are available from automated ticket dispensers, conductors on board the trains, travel agents, by telephone, or from the Amtrak and Metrolink websites.

The city operates its own police departmentand contracts with the Ventura County Fire Department to provide fire protection services. There are six fire stations within Simi Valley, and the city recently built a state-of-the-art police station. The city provides sanitation service to residences, businesses and other users.

Underground sewer lines collect sewage and wastewater which is treated at the city's sewage plant. In Simi Valley there are two main areas of industry - one in the eastern part of the city and the other one in the west.

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The primary industry is machinery and tools with 69 firms, and the secondary is the metal Industry with 51 firms, both situated in the eastern and western industrial areas. The largest division of Countrywide Home Loansnow Bank of America, Loan Administration, has been headquartered in the city since the mids. At its height, Countrywide had approximately 10, employees in the city.

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The Volkswagen of America Design Center was once in an industrial complex across from the Costco wholesale club near Madera and Cochran. The original concept for the New Beetle from Jay Mays, had its genesis there.

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According to the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:. Santa Susana High School has been named as a silver medal winner in U. Simi Valley also has an adult school Simi Adult School and a cosmetology school.

In its first year operating as a municipal library, it welcomed overpatrons into the library. This included a total of fifty parks, where some are urban city-parks, while others are public open space or multi-purpose trail systems. The district has an inventory of 5, acres of public owned land, including hundreds of acres of land in the Simi Hills. The purpose of these areas are to preserve the native landscape, as well as function as a wildlife corridor that protects the natural habitat for wildlife and flora.

The trail is accessed just off the freeway at Kuehner Road, Yosemite Road about 1-mile 1. These trails are not recommended for beginners, due to fairly steep grades and some technical sections on the trail. To the southwest, numerous trails are accessible for Mountain Biking, Hiking and Equestrian activities.

The trail system travels as far west as highway 23, as far east as the Rocketdyne facility and connects to the Lang Ranch trail system Westlake Village and sebro trail system, which begins in Agoura Hills.

Simi Peak the highest peak in Simi Valley is accessible from this trail system via China Flats in the sebro trail system.

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Ahmundson Ranch connects to this trail system, again via the sebro trail system. Bridlepath, a private trail system also connects to the main fire road. List of public-owned parks in Simi Valley:. The Simi's undeveloped native habitat provides routes that protect larger land wildlife of the Santa Monicas from genetic isolation. Large sections of the Simi Hills are protected by parks and open space preserves.

Animals in the area include mammals such as the Virginia opossumornate shrewbroad-footed molemountain lionmule deerbobcatspotted and striped skunkCalifornia badgersouthern California weaselCalifornia raccoonringtail catblack bearBotta's pocket gopherdesert cottontailvalley coyotegray foxCalifornia volebrush rabbitCalifornia ground - and California grey squirrelas well as several species of mice California pocket mousewestern harvest mousebrush mousedeer mouseand house mouserats agile kangaroo ratdusky-footed woodratblack ratroof ratand brown rat and bats long-eared myotislong-legged myotisCalifornia myotissmall-footed myotiswestern pipistrelleBrazilian free-tailed batwestern mastiff batand Tejon myotis.

Birds in Simi Valley include Anna's hummingbir Canada goosemallar California quailcommon egretgreat blue heronAmerican bitternAmerican cootkilldeermourning doveroadrunnerbelted kingfisherblack phoebebarn swallowcliff swallowcommon ravencrowwhite-breasted nuthatchcactus wrenmockingbir robincedar waxwingphainopeplastarlingleast Bell's vireohooded oriolewestern tanagerseveral species of blackbird western meadowlarkBrewer's blackbird and brown-headed cowbird and woodpeckers common flickerNuttall's woodpeckeracorn woodpeckerand yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Raptors include turkey vulturewhite-tailed kiteAmerican kestrelpoor-will and several species of hawks Cooper's hawksharp-shinned hawkmarsh hawkred-tailed hawkred-shouldered hawkand the common nighthawk and owls great horned owlshort-eared owllong-eared owlbarn owland the burrowing owl.

Grosbeaks, fins and sparrows include black-headed grosbeakhouse finchAmerican goldfinchlesser goldfinchCalifornia towheeSavannah sparrowsage sparrowdark-eyed juncowhite-crowned sparrow and the house sparrow.

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