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This is a list of characters associated with the character The Punisher. Francis "Frank" Castle Jr. Frank Jr. One day, the Castle family decided to have a picnic in Central Park to which they accidentally witness a mob execution and are gunned down. Frank Sr.

Magazine earlier this month, Olivia opened up as to why she and Bradley turned a corner with their relationship. She added: "Before coronavirus, we had our hearts set on a destination wedding, but I'm opening up to the idea of a UK wedding because we want to get married next year and definitely can't afford to go into quarantine for two weeks. Who is Bradley Dack? Bradley is a footballer and currently plays for the Blackburn Rovers.

Olivia and Bradley are reported to have dated before her stint on Love Island in Olivia Attwood boyfriend: Who is Bradley Dack? Olivia Attwood boyfriend: Olivia and Bradley got engaged in October last year.

Island dating in rawlins

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Amy Bendix is a young girl in Marvel Comics. Amy is a happy young girl who is mentally handicapped. She hangs around town helping out with produce. One day, she encounters Frank Castle otherwise known as the Punisher hiding underneath a truck.

Castle asks Amy not to tell and she complies.

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Amy soon afterwards hides Castle in her tree house where it becomes apparent that Amy reminds Castle of his daughter. Amy accidentally tells her father Sheriff Harry Bendix who comes with two other officers to capture Castle. When Castle's fingerprints get leaked, several men break into Sheriff Bendix's house and hold Amy at gunpoint. Castle manages to stall Blackwell long enough for Sheriff Bendix to snipe the man down saving Amy.

She is on the run after several of her friends are murdered and is saved by Frank Castle when a group of assassins attempt to kill her in a bar. Although initially hostile towards Castle, Amy is later taken under his wing and the two form a strong friendship with each other. Carlos' intentions where however to not kill when not needed keeping his military code. He and Microchip fought the good fight for a longer amount of time with Carlos swearing on his nephew's life that he'd protect the innocent.

The Punisher confronted Microchip, but Micro was killed when an ex S.

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When Carlos returned from a mission and discovered the computer wiz's dead body, Carlos mistakenly blamed Castle for his friend's death.

Carlos tracked Castle and found the true Punisher stalking a group of Bolivian drug dealer. Cruz attacked Castle, attracting the gun-fire of the Bolivians as well.

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Separated by the chaos of the battle, Cruz was executed by Microchip's true killer, Stone Cold. The real Punisher eventually avenged Carlos by killing Stone Cold himself. In the film, Cruz was a minor criminal of the gang "Latin Kings" until he became a friend of Microchip.

He decided to change his way as he proves his sincerity to Microchip's other friend The Punisher by leading him to Maginty, an Irish criminal who knew information about Punisher's enemy Jigsaw's whereabouts. The Punisher learns to trust Cruz and later, he ensures him with the lives of Angela Donatelli and her daughter Grace Donatelli, whom Jigsaw wanted to kidnap. When Loony Bin Jim tracks down The Punisher's hideout, Carlos tries to protect the women from him, but Jigsaw's brother Looney Bin Jim proves to be superior and slaughters him with an axe.

When The Punisher comes back, he finds a dying Cruz, mourning for being unable to protect Angela and Grace. As an act of pity and respect, and at Cruz's request, Punisher finishes Carlos with a mercy gunshot.

Andy Lorimer is a Lance Corporal in the Parachute Regiment of the British Army who tags along with Yorkie Mitll to New York City to track down a group of former IRA members responsible for detonating a bomb in an Irish bar in Hell's Kitnalso destroying a diner across the street, killing 11 and injuring 30, including Frank Castle who was dining at the restaurant. Lorimer's father, SAS Sergeant Major Stephen Lorimer, saved Yorkie's life in the past, and so he sees it as a way of repaying his fallen friend by allowing his son a chance to avenge his death.

While a perfectly competent soldier, Lorimer begins to have doubts on the validity of their mission given how much killing is involved.

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Once their mission is complete and all of the IRA members and their associates have been killed, Lorimer is given the opportunity to execute Cooley. He does so, but upon returning to Yorkie, he tells him that his death did not bring him any sense of closure or satisfaction. The two return home to England. First appeared in The Punisher vol. In the summer ofhis UH-1 Huey helicopter crashed near the border with Laos ; the Viet Cong soon arrived to take the survivors to their own base, where one by one they were killed, their hands and feet chopped off and tossed into Howe's bamboo cage.

When it seemed that his time had come, a Marine Force Recon group led by Captain Castle attacked the village and rescued Howe. InHowe was awarded the Medal of Honor. Howe is tasked by a cabal of military generals to arrest Castle, but then learns of the actual truth behind Castle's covert operation in Russia.

Howe gives Castle the means of killing the generals by giving him a loaded M handgun, and destroys the incriminating evidence out of the belief that if exposed, the U.

Howe's assistant, Lieutenant Geller, reads Castle's military record and realizes that not only was Castle a Force Recon Marine, he also led the team that saved Howe's life in Vietnam; thus, Howe would spare Castle's life as repayment out of gratitude. Geller attempts to warn the generals, but it is too late. As the generals arrive at Howe's safehouse to collect the incriminating tape and view Castle's body, Howe walks away, saying he has washed his hands clean of the matter, but in reality, Howe has lured the generals to their deaths.

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Henry Russo first appeared in The Punisher vol. Russo is the child of Jigsawand as a child, Russo's father would neglect and abuse him. In a pivotal incident, Jigsaw beat Russo for letting a cat inside their house. He then pulled a gun on Russo's mother and told him that if he did not drown the cat he Jigsaw would shoot her.

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Russo did, and was left traumatised by this incident. Russo possesses no superhuman powers or abilities, although he is extremely skilled at using and hacking computers. A liberal activist and social worker. She was kidnapped by a cult of tunnel dwelling homeless cannibals and was rescued by Castle, but condemned his brutal methods, pointing out that the men who kidnapped her were homeless, desperate and some with severe mental problems.

While he initially shrugged off her tirade, she got to him and he gave the cultists a chance to escape while he went after their leader.

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Years later, she was investigating the East European sex slavery trade, and begrudgingly helped Castle go after a Romanian gang that was running a series of brothels.

Jenny was born into the Cesare Crime Family and once she was old enough was introduced to her husband Tim Buccato by her sister Annabella and other Mafia wives. Tim seemed nice at first but after they were married he became extremely abusive both physically, sexually and mentally beginning on their wedding night. He beat her, raped her, and even allowed men he barely knew to come over and abuse her sexually.

Jenny's sister and her friends knew he was like this before hand, but kept her in the relationship and didn't help at all. Finally Tim was killed by the Punisher and on that same day Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told her sister that she was going to the FBI because she believed it was the evil in Tim that caused her cancer and it was Annabella's fault that she married him. Annabella's criminal partner Shauna Toomey knocked out Jenny and had two men from her husbands gang kill her but they didn't succeed in the disposal, she was thrown from a bridge after which they believed she was hit by a train but she in fact landed atop the train and survived.

After coming to she realized she could start a new life and get revenge on the women who betrayed her. She underwent a double mastectomy and learned weapon handling and cop skills over the years. She finally returned to New York City to get revenge on her sister and her friends, but found out they were planning on killing the Punisher in revenge for having killed all of their husbands.

Wanting to save the life of the man that saved her by killing her husband, she rescued the Punisher and then donned the Punisher's death head shirt and took out the wives, ending with beating her sister to death with a baseball bat. After that was done, Jenny had sex with Frank in a last attempt to feel something and committed suicide when they were done, still unable to feel anything from the sex and aware she was still dying of cancer, leaving Frank forced to watch her shoot herself in the head while she was still sat astride him.

Joan is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. She first appeared in The Punisher vol.

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A tenant in the apartment building where Frank Castle lived for a time under the name of John Smith. An extremely shy, frightened and timid character, Joan was terrified of living in the city and wished to move to the countryside, but did not have the money to do so.

She had a bit of a crush on Castle, baking him pies and cookies and claiming she had merely made too many. Along with her friends, Bumpo and Spacker Dave, she receives a portion of Gnucci's money which she used to buy a cottage in the countryside as she wanted. She tended to him, and, despite his request that she run for her life and leave him to fend for himself, insisted on helping him instead.

O'Brien first appeared as a CIA agent and part of a task force to apprehend him and recruit him into the hunt for Osama bin Laden, when she expressed sexual attraction to Castle and a desire to sleep with him. The mission ultimately failed, and O'Brien's superior had her sent to prison. During her time there, she was routinely harassed by a gang of inmates, who were never able to beat her in a fight, so they framed her for the murder of a guard instead.

O'Brien fled the prison and went to a fellow former CIA Agent for help, and once there, she learned of the events surrounding Nicky Cavella's desecration of the Castle family graves, and that Bill Rawlins, her ex-husband, was in town.

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Deciding to kill her husband before she could make good her escape, she caught him as he was about to shoot Castle with a sniper rifle, as he and Cavella were in league. O'Brien assisted Castle in interrogating her ex-husband in his role for the covert operation in Russia. She then disappeared to Afghanistan to kill ex-Taliban officers under American and British protection for playing a role in raping her.

O'Brien was killed when she stepped on a land mine, being cared for by Castle during her final moments. Prior to her disappearance, O'Brien gave birth to a daughter named Sarah, the product of a one-night stand with Castle, who is in the protective custody of her sister. Max is an attack dog owned by the Punisher.

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Created by Mike Baronhe first appeared in Punisher Vol. Max was a puppy that was picked up off the street to be trained as an attack dog. One day a local gang broke into the building Max was kept in and attacked the crooks. The Punisher arrived and defeated the last one before adopting the dog as his own. Since then, Max had become a close companion to Frank Castle and even Micro to an extent.

Find Personals listings in Long Island on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find great personal ads. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood.   Olivia Attwood first hit our screens back in when she appeared on the popular reality dating series Love crossfityards.com the show, she was seen to have found love with fellow love island . Rawlins ist ein Ort und County Seat des Carbon County im US-Bundesstaat Wyoming. Geographie. Rawlins bedeckt eine Fla von 19,2 km? (7,4 mi?), darin sind keine Wasserflan enthalten. Die Stadt liegt auf einer Hohe von m uber NN. Demographie. Am 1. Juli hatte Rawlings Einwohner. Altersstruktur.

Even when Max was stolen away to be trained in dog fights, he never forgot his true master and was quick to return to him. Max appears in season two of Daredevil played by dog actor Bull.

The Punisher rescues Max from the Kitn Irish after gunning down the majority of them. Later, Finn Cooley kidnaps Max and threatens to torture him if Frank does not give up the location of his money. What happens to Max afterward is unknown. She is a talented investigator who, as punishment for refusing to sleep with the NYPD Commissioner, was assigned to take down the Gnucci crime family, which was as much a farce as Detective Martin Soap 's Punisher Task Force.

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It was her idea to team up with Soap, knowing that either Ma Gnucci or the Punisher would kill the other, and then they could move in and arrest whoever was left. During their investigation, Soap fell in love with Molly, who rebuffed Soap, since Molly is a lesbian.

When Soap later became Commissioner, Molly left on a vacation in the tropics with a stripper and was preparing for her mayoral campaign. Ironically, Molly was later forced to fight alongside Castle against Elite's henchmen; during the ensuing battle, Molly's clothes caught fire and she was forced to strip to her bra and panties.

Unfortunately for Molly, the gunfight was recorded by the local news media and she was publicly exposed as a Punisher sympathizer. Molly was subsequently suspended, pending a formal investigation. Staci Strobl and Nickie D.

While Molly is certainly a competent law enforcement officer, her honor and integrity are belied by her abuse of power. Violence is used as one means of negotiating her sexual orientation, which is never far removed from her objectification as a female.

In her confrontation with the Mafiashe partners with Punisher and in the process undergoes numerous humiliations culminating in a "bra and panties" showdown captured by the media. There is space for the lesbian crime fighter, but only firmly in its place within masculine hegemony. Nathaniel Bumpo is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe.

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He first appeared in The Punisher vol. Grossly overweight and requiring Castle's help to get through the door of his apartment, Mr. Bumpo once suffered a heart attack and the paramedics had to destroy part of the building's wall and use a crane to take him to the hospital. Shortly after he was released, the Russian attacked Castle at his home. After a vicious fight, Castle used Bumpo to smother him, doing so for thirty minutes. Castle later left him a share of Gnucci's money, and was said by Joan to be living in a clinic in Albany after "something important fell out of his bottom".

While still overweight, this version does not have trouble with his living quarters. He is much more comical and is always trying to humor Joan along with Spacker Dave.

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Just like in the comic, the Punisher leaves all the money racked up from punished criminals and leaves them to Joan, Dave and Bumpo. He first appeared in The Punisher Vol.

Oscar Clemons had a personal grudge against the Punisher due to a botd case. Clemons has since held on to a knife that he obtained from that case.

Clemons and Bolt meet with Ral to get information, but cause Cole to become manic after learning the woman's husband died.

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But during a police raid, Bolt is accidentally killed by Ral. Despite this, Clemons tries to convince the police captain that Poulsen's actions are what caused Ral to act irrationally. After a lengthy chase, Clemons captures Ral after the woman attempts to die by police fire which is thwarted by the Punisher who removed the gun pins.

This version is a veteran detective, and is two years away from mandatory retirement with a full pension. He is the detective assigned to the murders of Bob Schlottman and Barbara Schlottman, shot to death in an elevator by their daughter Hope on Kilgrave 's orders.

This backfires, as Kilgrave arrives and orders Clemons and the other cops present at the time to all point guns at each other, then makes them dismiss the incident as a hilarious prank. When Kilgrave escapes, he tells Clemons to remove himself from the cuffs, breaking his hand in the process.

After getting Clemons to reveal Trish's location, Simpson shoots Clemons in the head, killing him instantly. Simpson then douses the floor in gasoline and tors the building.

County Dating Near Rawlins guy to drink and mingle with. This is my first time posting so County Dating Near Rawlins I'm unsure what to expect, therefore, I'm leaving my options open. All I ask is that you are FUN, and can hold an adult conversation. Intelligence is sexy. Can't wait to hear from you! I'm still nervous about this so send a pic or I won't reply. Info. share. 9,8/ It's a match! The 11 singles from Love Island USA have finally ended a stint of isolation after a dramatic season crossfityards.com Justine and Caleb, better known as fan-favorites Jaleb, taking home the grand prize of $, following a month of dumpings and re-couplings, Love Island has been nothing short of crossfityards.com from the winners, Cely and Johnny, Laurel and Carrington and Moira and. Dating Island In Natz Mississippi, kennett dating island, dating events man sparks nevada, dating sites island in philippi west. I would like to get special offers .

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