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Sawamura Eijun is the protagonist of the series. He comes from the prefecture of Nagano, where he played baseball at Akagi Junior High. He is a left-handed pitr who was promoted from the second string to the first string as No. Sawamura is a lean-built teenager of average height. He has dark brown hair with brown eyes that sometimes appear golden during intense moments. He is often seen with a smile.

Miyuki asks Furuya if he, too, wants to watch it, but Furuya shrugs saying that he knows what his problem is. As Miyuki and Sawamura wats the video, Miyuki thinks that Sawamura is trying his best to move on. For the scrimmage against Yakushi, Furuya is Seidou's starting pitr and impresses the gallery by his performance and especially by overpowering Raichi with his fastballs.

Sawamura too is awed and recalls Furuya telling him that he'll be the one taking the ace title. Sawamura asks Kataoka to let him pitch at the fifth inning but Kataoka declines, telling Sawamura that assessing the situation and warming up are important functions of a relievershocking Sawamura.

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In the bottom of the seventh Sawamura finally is allowed to pitch. But he throws way too low and he unconsciously run away from the inside corner of the zone, which was his strength. Facing Raichi, Miyuki asked for an inside Cutter to try to get Sawamura over the hump but Sawamura failed the pitch execution resulting in a HR.

After that, Sawamura was completely rattled and he gives up more hits and walks another batter. Miyuki goes to Sawamura reminding him that his teammates are there for him. Sawamura throws thinking that he hasn't done anything yet, but the pitch is too high for Miyuki to catch, and goes straight to the fence. Sawamura is petrified. Kataoka calls Furuya and pulls Sawamura out after asking Miyuki about Sawamura's condition.

Furuya goes to the mound and asks for the ball, saying that there's no need for two pitrs on the mound.

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Sawamura laughs and apologizes for passing on the baton in a pinch. He leaves the mound crying. Kataoka tells Kanemaru to have Sawamura ice his shoulder properly. Kanemaru brings the ice and is worried about his teammate, because Sawamura didn't say anything since he got subbed and just sat silently on the bench. After the game during a brief meeting, it's revealed that Sawamura suffers from the yips [18]. Kataoka tells Sawamura to practice on his own and to avoid contact with the ball.

Only a few days later he is allowed to join the batting and fielding practice. In Seidou's first official match for the fall, Furuya wears the ace number and shines in both pitching and batting. Sawamura is seen ering from the dugout with the number At school, students muse why Sawamura is included in the roster when he's doing so poorly at practice.

Sawamura too wonders about that. Sawamura continues to practice alone and is surprised when Chris joins him. Chris tells him that if Sawamura can't pitch to the inside then he doesn't have to, but encourages him to learn throwing low and away instead. Miyuki apologizes to Chris for asking him to help out but Chris says that it's something he always wanted to say to him and hopes that it'll help Sawamura get over his fear of throwing to the inside. During the scrimmage against the third years, Sawamura finds out about Kataoka's resignation.

Sawamura thinks that he is yet to be acknowledged by the coach. When it is his turn to pitch he gets to face Chris. Sawamura remembers all that he's learned from Chris. Chris battles Sawamura with fouls but Sawamura finally manages to throw low and away like Chris wanted him to and outs him.

The rest of the third years struggle to perfectly hit Sawamura's outside pitch and the game ends in a tie. Ochiai observes Sawamura before their game against Teito and asks if he wants to switch to sidearm pitching, thus suggesting becoming a practice pitr for the team. When Kataoka realizes what Sawamura is trying to do, he makes him stop immediately, because it would destroy his form and orders him to practice his outside pitch.

Furuya is Seidou's starting pitr.

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After performing good and receiving praise from Kataoka, the game is put into a temporary halt due to the rain. Sawamura is at the bullpen throwing pits not wanting to just sit and do nothing after seeing how Furuya pitd. On top of the sixth, Furuya faces some difficulties and while Miyuki thinks of what he can do to fix it, Kataoka calls for a pitr substitution and sends in Sawamura.

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Before he leaves the dugout, Kataoka makes sure that Sawamura is aware of the situation the team is faced with. Sawamura throws to the outer edge for the first pitch giving Miyuki goosebumps. He continues to strike the following batters, stopping Teito's momentum.

He performs stable until he faces Inui Kengo on the top of the eight.

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Realizing that they cannot out him with outside pits alone, Miyuki finally calls for an inside pitch. Sawamura throws an imperfect pitch and Kengo hits over the right fielder for a Double. Sawamura, in his own way lets everyone know he's mad, but is aware of the limits of his abilities. On top of the ninth, Kawakami is on the mound and outs the batter.

Seidou wins. Miyuki approves and Sawamura successfully throws to the inside and gets over-excited.

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On top of the fifth, Seidou is up by eleven, hence, the game is called and they bag the win. Sawamura is ering on his teammates until he is on the mound replacing Furuya, baffling Ochiai who observes from the stands.

The crowd is heavily ering for Ugumori. Sawamura admits feeling overwhelmed by the ering audience, but both he and Miyuki get excited to silence the crowd. When Umemiya's at bat, Miyuki is aware of his influence on the team and wants Sawamura to focus on striking him out to stop Ugumori's momentum.

Umemiya intimidates Sawamura with his fighting spirit while Sawamura struggles with the pressure, triggering memories of the dead ball he threw at Shirakawa last summer. Aware of Sawamura's state of mind and at full count, Miyuki takes the time before making his call.

He thinks of Kataoka's advice of not needing to throw to the inside, but still decide to call for a cutter to the inside. Determined to change and to go to Nationals, Sawamura throws the ball, constantly telling himself to not run away. Umemiya hits the pitch and the ball bounces to Sawamura's glove. Sawamura throws the ball to Kuramochi, who throws to Maezono.

With Umemiya out, Ugumori lost their vigor and Sawamura then retires the 5th batter to win the game. At game time, following Ouya's defense Sawamura, who is the starting pitr and seemingly on a roll, strikes out Ouya's first and second batters. Miyuki then calls for a changeupwhich Sawamura learnt before the quarterfinals thanks to the advices from Ochiai. Sawamura tries to execute but embarrassingly fails. Ouya starts to play mind games on Sawamura, first making him commit a balk [19] followed by a RBI.

After regaining his composure, Sawamura does a good job keeping Ouya to two runs. After facing some difficulties, Sawamura's teammates try to loosen him up by telling him that they are starting to acknowledge his abilities - Sawamura is flattered.

Next up is Ouya's clean-up and Miyuki again calls for the changeup, which Sawamura successfully executes, striking the batter out. Sawamura is allowed to play the whole game and at the bottom of the eighth after a combo play from Haruichi and Kuramochi, and three strike outs, Seidou wins and move on to the semifinals.

Furuya is Seidou's starting pitr and only at the top of the eighth, Sawamura is sent to the mound. After some struggles he faces Seiko's clean-up, who hits a two-run HR off Sawamura tying the game at Despite this, Sawamura appears unfazed. Then Kanemaru makes a mistake, fumbles the ball and thus leading the batter to first.

Sawamura assures Kanemaru that everything is okay and stays focused. Thinking that Sawamura isn't paying attention to him, the runner's lead on base got bigger but Sawamura unexpectedly made a pick-off throw to first, outing the runner. At the top of the ninth, a batter bunts the first pitch, but Sawamura dives for the ball, successfully catching it in the air for the out.

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During the top of the tenth, Kawakami is sent to the mound replacing Sawamura. Miyuki ends the game by hitting a walk-off HR. During the next at bat, Sawamura faces Yakushi's clean-up. Sawamura greets Raichi with an inside fastball which jammed Raichi but the batter still managed to hit left field. Up next to bat is Sanada, while Raichi goes for a steal and succeeds. Calling for a time-out, Miyuki tells Sawamura to focus on the batter.

Sanada hits Sawamura's cutter and it goes into center field. The next batter bunts, allowing Raichi to squeeze into home, putting Yakushi back into lead.

Sawamura then stopped the bleeding and closed out the inning. In the sixth inning, Sawamura is back up to pitch and strikes out all three batters getting a three for three. In the bottom of the seventh Miyuki and Sawamura prevail against Yakushi's clean-up batters, striking out Raichi on a fastball and Sanada on a changeup in succession. Kataoka then entrusts Sawamura the eighth, who manages to hold the Yakushi batters down.

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After asking the coach to let him pitch during the ninth, Kataoka decides to send Furuya instead. The crowd ers and so does Sawamura, who impress both Miyuki and Furuya with his attitude. Furuya cleanly closes out the match and Seidou wins. Seidou led Houmei High by 4 - 1 in the 7th inning where Sawamura comes to replace Furuya. Getting too excited with pitching in the Koshien's environment for the first time, Sawamura tripped on the mound in his first pitch and his face turned red in embarrassment.

Houmei High managed 2 hits in the 8th inning from Sawamura and took back 1 run. Seidou scores another run in the top of the 9th inning and maintained their lead by 5 - 2 and Sawamura closed out the game in the bottom of the 9th inning. Furuya is again the starting pitr for the match.

Furuya held Nihou Shouno to 1 run by the 6th inning and Seidou is up by 3 runs. Kawakami is then subbed in by the 7th inning to replace Furuya to keep him fresh as the coas considered the possibility of the looming 3rd round match against Komadai.

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Kawakami lost 2 runs against Nihon Shouno but with Seidou batters repeatedly able to widen the score gap to 7 - 3 by the 9th inning, he regained composure and closed out the match. Sawamura did not pitch in the second round. With their success and deep run in the Fall Season, Seidou was seeded for the Tournament and was bypassed to the 3rd round.

Seidou's first opponent was Eigen High. Furuya is the only pitr for the match. However, different from his impressive form at Senbatsu, Furuya struggled with command throughout the match and has to pitch under pressure after walking runners on base. With big help from the fielders, Furuya was able to scrap through the game with minimal loss, losing 2 runs. Seidou's batting line up continued to connect successfully throughout the game and Houdai Ichi was taken down in a called game by the 7th inning.

Ichidaisan High 's scouts watching from the stands reported to their team that there are weaknesses in Furuya's pitching which they can aim to exploit.

Furuya comes to replace Sawamura in the 6th inning and worked through 2 quick innings. On the bottom of the 7th inning, Yuki scored a 2 runs game-ending homerun earning Seidou yet another called game victory over their opponent and moving on to the Semi Final. Ochiai had to tell Kataoka that a pitr switch is necessary in order to salvage the game and Sawamura was called in to relief after Furuya walked yet another batter. Coming to the mound, Sawamura loudly states he fully understands what is expected from him in such situation.

Facing the 4th and 5th batter with bases loaded, Sawamura pits tight to the corners and quickly scores 2 strike outs to close out the inning, effectively stopping Ichidai's momentum. Kataoka apologizes to Sawamura for making him handle such difficult situation; however, Sawamura was still frustrated and thought about how favorable the Ace is trusted over a relief pitr like himself.

Batting in the 6th inning, Sawamura hits a Double from Amahisa much to the surprise of his peers. Regardless, Amahisa prevented Seidou's sacrificial bunt and scoring attempts. Bottom of the 7th inning, Miyuki said he wants to mix in more Numbers to get batters out quickly and Sawamura complied, saying he has complete trust in Miyuki's lead. Sawamura maintains his flawless pitching up to the 8th inning, as he delivered 3.

Seidou scored 1 more run in the 9th. At 2 outs and with a runner on 2nd base, Zono had an opportunity to tie the score; however, his long hit was caught by an outfielder and Ichidaisan won the game.

Seidou is eliminated and failed to qualify for the Kantou Tournament. Amahisa happened to meet Sawamura in the hallway of the Stadium and began asking questions about Sawamura's new pitch, the Cutter Kai. Sawamura said that because his team has lost there's nothing to talk about which Amahisa disagrees saying that the team is besides the conversation between pitrs and carried on with his questions.

Amahisa even went as far as requesting to know the grip for the pitch as well as asking for Sawamura's Line contact afterwards, much to the dismay of the latter. After witnessing the commotion, Seto notes that Amahisa seems to have changed while Okumura was annoyed saying Amahisa was rude to Sawamura.

Seidou regulars then went on to watch the remaining semifinal match between Inajitsu and Teitou while the rest of the team returned to school. On the stands, Sawamura sat away from the rest of the team to watch the game on his own. Nabe later explained that Sawamura wanted to assess the game on his own in order to improve himself so that he can understand Miyuki's reasons for his leads instead of pitching mindlessly to Miyuki's mitt like always.

Sawamura believes that unless he's able to do so, no matter how much time's passed, he won't be recognized. In the evening of the SF match, Seidou held a meeting to reflect on the lost where Kataoka commends Sawamura for displaying pitching that allowed the team to regroup during the bleak moments. He also announced the reset of the jersey numbers. After the meeting, while the majority of the team decided to go watch the Final of the Spring Tournament, Sawamura said he wants to stay back and practice on his batting.

He also arranged a meeting with Miyuki to discuss about game calling which ended up becoming a group meeting for all pitrs and catrs within the team. On a night practice session between Sawamura and Miyuki, Kataoka appears to watch them. After showing a variety of pits to Kataoka, Miyuki said to the coach that despite some of the still unstable Numbers, Sawamura was able to display good pitching against Ichidai due to his high level of focus and refined pitch command and added that he would like to test how well Sawamura can fare against a top class national level team.

Kataoka then orders Sawamura to stop and rest for 3 days in preparation for the match with Hakuryuu High, in which he wants Sawamura to be the starting pitr for. Naruta Tech is a powerhouse from Chiba that visited Seidou for a practice match and the school is famous for possessing a famous "South Paw Killer" cleanup in their team.

Sawamura was the starting pitr and he pitd 4 scoreless innings while struck out 4. On top of the 5th, after Toujou and Higasa got on base and at 1 out, Sawamura was up to bat. Feinting a bunt squeeze with Toujou on 3rd, Sawamura then takes a hard swing on the first pitch and despite being jammed, he yanked the ball to the left line.

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The rolling ball died off before touching the left line, making it fair for Toujou to home-in safely and Sawamura records his first RBI in high school [23]. Bottom of the 7th, Sawamura faces the biggest challenge of the match after giving up a hit and a walk. With runners on bases, he faces the Cleanup batter Koyasu. The batter's hit was caught by Shirasu on right field but the runner was able to tag-in to score and Sawamura ceded a run. Still with runner on 3rd, and down in the count, Sawamura regrouped, took the batter to full count and closed the inning with a powerful inside fastball that jammed the batter and retired him at 1st.

He was then switd out with Kawakami, who closed the game. Miyuki compliments Sawamura, saying that it was thrilling to catch for him but ironically, Sawamura thought it was sarcasm from the captain. On top of the 7th inning, Sawamura struggles to control his Numbers and ended up walking a runner after getting 1 out. The next batter targets the 1st pitch and put runner in scoring position again at 1st and 3rd.

Falling back to his best weapon, the fastball, Sawamura retires the next batter with 1 pitch and proceeded to strike out the following batter in 4 pits, averting yet another crisis. Kataoka allows Sawamura to continue under 1 condition that if he were to let any runner get on base, he would be subbed out and Sawamura complied.

Seidou's regular players are switd in as pinch hitters and their efforts earned Seidou another run. In the 8th inning, Sawamura presumably retired Ichinose and faces Akashi for the final time. The duel lasted 11 pits and Akashi ended up hitting Sawamura's pitch to outfield. Sawamura was then subbed out along with Okumura. Kawakami and Yui battery comes in to relief and despite ceding 1 run, they closed out the game for a win. The team reports Sawamura's performance to Miyuki in the evening, complimenting him for a fine game.

Sawamura however was disappointed with himself that he was tired after only pits and was subbed out in the 8th inning. Seidou was sduled to play 4 practice mats after the Summer Training Camp in which Sawamura was slotted to start the game against Kokonoe, a powerhouse from Kanagawa. Sawamura was gearing up to pitch a complete game on his own, understanding the importance of being handed the starting role for the toughest practice game of the bunch.

He suggested Miyuki to call for the Numbers inside the zone early so he can contain his pitch count in the first half of the game which should enable him to pitch a complete game. However, Miyuki says instead of being greedy, he suggests Sawamura should maintain the usual mindset and focus on the batter in front of him, to which Sawamura agreed.

Sawamura finished the game pitching 8 innings with 2 lost runs and 7 hits in a 4 - 2 victory against Kokonoe. Kataoka however, shut down Ochiai's suggestion stating that Sawamura has been the person pulling Seidou's team while Furuya was out of shape which the whole team should recognize.

He also adds that to promote further growth from both of them, switching their status is important which is why he decided to entrust Sawamura with the Ace number instead for this Summer. Various schools notice the Seidou team as they walk by.

They started talking about how Seidou have been winning a lot of their practice mats and how strong they are looking. As the crowd notices Furuya and wonders how he would be the center of attention of the Tournament, they were surprised to realize that on his back was jersey No. Miyuki is good at exploiting Sawamura's potential, giving out aggressive calls that draw out the pitr's instinct and fighting spirit; on the other hand, Sawamura is able to fearlessly respond to such calls and throw pits that exceed expectations.

This shows the battery has complete trust in one another. In the Final of the Fall Tournament, the battery pulled off one of their greatest achievements so far. They struck out Todoroki Raichi and Sanada Shunpei back to back. During the off-season, with Miyuki's help, Sawamura developed his own repertoire of pits, the Numbers. In his 2nd year, Sawamura is looking to learn more about game calling to have a better understanding of Miyuki's call in order to improve himself.

Other 1st string pitrs and catrs also took interest in this and gather altogether at Miyuki's room, as such Miyuki has been holding a "cram school" in the evening to pass down his expertise and experiences not only for Sawamura but other other pitrs and catrs as well.

Chris and Sawamura had an unpleasant first encounter when Sawamura was left under Chris's care, both not being particularly fond of each other.

Sawamura believed to be Chris uncommitted to the team and unhelpful to him, while Chris only saw Eijun as an immature and annoying underclassman.

This eventually changed after Sawamura found out that Chris was leaving practice early not because he had given up, but for rehab due to an injury. He confronted Chris and apologized, asking for another chance. They started working together to slowly polish Sawamura's skills. Chris was the one who made Sawamura think about his weapon - his moving ball - and told him to polish it. He was surprised when Sawamura achieved this within one week with the help of Coach Kataoka.

He then ordered Sawamura to pay more attention to his grips and how they influence the pitch. Sawamura calls Chris "master" because of the many things he learned from him, but it wasn't only Sawamura who gained something from this match-up. Chris too became affected by Sawamura's optimism and passion and started to regain his former mentality during in the short time they formed a battery.

Chris has a high opinion of Sawamura, both as a teammate and as a pitr. When he found out that Sawamura was suffering from the yips, he was sure that Sawamura would get over it and become stronger from it. Chris then taught him how to pitch low outside, telling him that this was the pitch he always wanted him to learn.

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He is later seen watching the quarterfinals of the fall tournament, and he smiles when he sees Sawamura's outstanding pitching. Kuramochi, next to Miyuki, is the person who always teases Sawamura. Kuramochi often practices his wrestling moves on him, and because of Sawamura's flexible body Kuramochi does not have to worry about hurting him much. It has become a habit that whenever Sawamura does well on the mound, Kuramochi kicks him to display his appreciation.

Despite his outer attitude towards Sawamura, he has displayed at more concerned side to him, such as when Sawamura had the yips.

The two have a kind of big-brother little-brother kind of relationship. During Eijun's running punishment for being tardy on his first day, Kuramochi helped him understand that he's not the only one suffering.

He also provided Eijun with some important insights on Chris's early training methods to strengthen his core prior to pitching training. Furuya is Sawamura's rival within Seidou. The two often fight for the mound and who Miyuki will catch for, much to the catr's distaste.

They have the habit of cking each other's faults and even openly commenting on it. With regards to performance, they recognize each other's abilities, though they both rarely admit it. Furuya and Sawamura both desire each other's qualities - Furuya wants to raise the team's morale while on the mound, while Sawamura wants to be trusted and acknowledged by his teammates.

Despite their differences, the two are important pitrs of the team who constantly challenge each other's abilities. As the story progresses, they become friendlier with each other and even exchange advice on how to throw breaking balls. Following Seidou's win over Yakushi High in the Fall, Sawamura openly challenged Furuya for the ace title, and the latter accepted it.

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Haruichi is Sawamura's close friend. Third member of the Ichinen Trio, Haruichi keeps Sawamura's manners and words in ck.

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After Miyuki, Haruichi was the next person in the team to recognize Sawamura's abilities. From nearly the first day they met, Sawamura called him "Harucchi," a sign of him being familiar and comfortable around him. During the summer tournament, Sawamura would always ask Haruichi to catch for him to warm up. Despite Sawamura's endless antics, Haruichi has full respect towards him, especially for his boundless optimism and perseverance.

In Act II, after Sawamura's repeated pestering about Haruichi's new haircut, Haruichi started acting colder towards him and would usually ignore him except when they were on the field together. Luckily, their relationship was repaired and they are back to being friends again.

Kanemaru is Sawamura's classmate who at first refused to acknowledge him, believing Sawamura was all talk. Since Kanemaru was Chris's roommate, he was often asked by the third year to take care of Sawamura. He helps Sawamura with his classwork because the latter needs constant cramming in order to pass his exams and often stands in the batter's box when Sawamura practices pitching.

Due to this practice, Kanemaru isn't scared of getting hit by wild pits anymore. Although it appears that the two don't get along, Kanemaru admires Sawamura for his tenacity. When Sawamura had the yips, Kanemaru was the first one to ask Chris to help Sawamura, implying he was worried about him. On the field, Kanemaru surprisingly has a nickname for Sawamura whenever he's doing well - "Wamura. At first, Haruno, thought that she was only a nuisance to others, namely the other managers. But when she witnesses a quarrel between Sawamura and a tear during class, Haruno is inspired by him.

Because even though he got laughed at, he stated his goal confidently in front of everyone. She says that she really likes people who are as "stupid" as him. She also reveals that there's one thing she has always wanted to do: to support the players who are working their hardest to reach their goal. She wishes Sawamura good luck on becoming the ace and says that she is ering for him. Sawamura's strengths are his infallible spirit, bunting, infield defense, and his idiosyncratic pits.

His weaknesses at the beginning were batting, outfield defense, and his pitching control. Since his 2nd year, Sawamura has considerably improved the speed of his pitch, his control and can connect with the ball now - if he does it from the bunting stance.

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