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Dixon Ticonderoga is rooted in innovation and continues to embody the inventive spirit of our American visionary Joseph Dixon. The son of a ship captain, Joseph Dixon had a curious mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. He then pressed the mixture into grooved cedar wood, and the first Dixon pencil was created. Having discovered a variety of uses for graphite - from stove polish to crucibles - he began his business in Salem, Mass. This invention was so successful that, in , Dixon built a crucible factory in New Jersey. Rising demand promoted Dixon to invent a machine capable of producing pencils per minute.

In one positive, this has enabled the easy irrigation of central Australia with desalination technology.

At Fort Ticonderoga, dining is an experience within an experience. Enjoy sweeping views of Lake Champlain and Mount Defiance in America's Fort Cafe while you savor farm-to-fork locally sourced food and beverages. A full menu including appetizers, sandwis, salads, and desserts are also available for take-out for a memorable picnic.

Another story nugget I was sitting on for a while was the time that the Kimberley region was seriously set aside as a potential homeland for the displaced Jewish people. While this never happened in the real world, I looked at what might happen if World War 1 never kicked off. Colonialism is still rife in my story, and all the old alliances still hold.

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Add an alternative Hitler timeline, shake vigorously, and allow to settle to room temperature before serving. All the technology I love already exists, and simply needs to be implemented in this oil-drunk world.

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I'd love to see the dry interior of Australia farmed for agave cacti, with the view to turning this into a stable source of bio-fuel and alcohol. Coupled with a stable delivery system for hydrogen which embrittles metals and tanks, making it hard to transport and an increase in solar and wind energy use.

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Home-based batteries and local LPG production plants so like a gas water-heater but generating all of your houses's power needs would eliminate the need for massive power plants, supply and demand issues etc.

I've written a lot of fiction dealing with what happens when everything goes toe up. The apocalypse, Mad Max, yadda yadda :- In reality, people are basically okay, if self-serving and short-visioned.

There will be a time soon when the oil runs out. That's okay. That will be the time that alternative fuels and energies come into play.

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This will also be the time that mining the Moon and Mars will become feasible, and necessity will force humanity back into space. Hopefully by then we will be less awful at looking after the places we live, and won't just traipse across the universe, dumping Styrofoam and coffee pods wherever we go.

Next up is R Jean Mathieu. Jean was once voted "most likely to phone his friends from a rooftop in Guatemala asking if anyone knows how to pilot a helicopter in a hurry". He lives in California with his wife, where they attend her synagogue on Saturdays and his Quaker meeting on Sundays, spending the rest of the week exchanging flurries of tender cursing and furious affections in French, Cantonese, and Hebrew.

He can be read at rjeanmathieu. I fell in love, obviously.

One of the most intriguing ideas in it, at least to me, was "seacrete" - inducing coral accretion to wire mesh to create beautiful underwater structures stronger than concrete and attracting fish besides. I never got around to building any of the underwater statues I'd planned, but the idea always stuck with me, popping up in the background of various stories.

And then Ladli came along, with my old set of plans for underwater statuary, and pointed out the more utilitarian uses, and that they did not preclude aesthetic enjoyment or even spiritual enlightenment.

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And I sat down and let her talk I studied sociology in college, and once upon a time was to become a doctor of anthropology. This means I tend to think of "technology" as more than just nuts and bolts and glowing warp-cores, but rather including mindfulness meditation, and multinational empire, and marketing. People don't fundamentally change, so you can't start by improving them - but what does change is how those people are arrayed, and the relationships between them, and that is something you can improve.

So the science fictional technology I most wish we had now would be a perfected satyagrahathe coalition-building nonviolence that absorbs revolutionary fervor, channels it to the least necessary force, and leaves stable democratic forms in its wake.

It's the operating principle just offscreen in the United Federation of Planets and all its' imitators, it's how those benevolent governments and cashless cooperatives scattered across the utopias come together and keep working together without falling into anarchy, autocracy, or authoritarianism.

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With such a tradition, with such a social technology, we could start saving the world. This is going to sound strange coming from a science fiction writer, but I find the most hope in my traditions. My father's people are French-Canadian, and there's something in the foot-stamping of neo-trad and the homey comfort of soup aux pois and the bonfires of St.

Jean Baptiste day and the vulnerable power of the Quiet Revolution and the poetry of Fontaine's Fables and the terror of the loup-garou and the sheer, stubborn, phlegmatic gall of a people who carry on being French while surrounded by both their Anglophone conquerors and nine months of winter that fills me with pride and with hope.

There is a power in Survivance that not only survives winter, but defies it, and lights fires and stamps feet defiantly against it, and that stubborn Survivance infuses innovation and resilience with the strength to make a difference. Next up is Jane Rawson.

Jane writes novels, novellas, stories and non-fiction, mostly about the environment. Her latest novel is From the Wreck. Humans can choose between moving to a super-high-density, well-designed urban area, or having their mind transferred into the body of a native species.

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This story is about a long-married couple who come to realise they have very different ideas about how best to help the planet. Wild animals are almost gone, and in his book Half EarthEO Wilson suggests that the only way to remedy this is to dedicate half of the earth's landmass to wild animal habitat. But I know that's crazy talk. Honestly, I'm not brimming over with hope.

But of course whatever happens, life in some form will continue on.

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Octopuses are doing well. There's a bright future for algae. Evolution will continue and new lifeforms will take over the planet. It just might take a while. Next up is DK Mok.

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DK graduated from UNSW with a degree in Psychology, pursuing her interests in both social justice and scientist humour. I love libraries.

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As a child, my local libraries were enchanted places full of wonder and adventure. In high school, libraries were my sanctuary, where I found solace, inspiration and fuel for my curiosity. Now, libraries are still a crucial source of information and creative sustenance for me.

And it was here that I learned of the Biblioburro. I learned of an elephant called Boom-Boom, bringing fairy tales and dinosaur books to children in Laos; camel libraries in Kenya; Donkey Drawn Libraries in Zimbabwe; nomadic writers on reindeer in Mongolia. All over the world, there are passionate people braving deserts, storms and bandits to bring books to children in isolated communities. My story, "The Wandering Library", was inspired by these heroic champions of literacy and education.

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It follows the journey of Lani Bashir, a travelling librarian, as she navigates a world transformed by rising seas and genetically modified creatures, visiting communities powered by sun, wind, sea and ese.

Giant solar-powered airships! I love the idea of floating hotels, airborne villages, flying hospitals. I think this technology could be transformative: imagine dropping fully equipped, fully staffed hospitals into epidemic hot-zones; or shipping entire camps of emergency housing, food and aid workers into - or out of - disaster-hit regions; or travelling museums and galleries visiting remote communities. I draw inspiration from those who are taking action to make the world a better place - and there are plenty of them.

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From humanitarian organisations like Malala Fund, working to ensure that every girl has access to quality education, to high-tech companies like BioCarbon Engineering, restoring ecosystems on an industrial scale with the use of tree-planting aerial drones. From activists like ClientEarth, using environmental law to hold governments to account, to science literacy programs like Skype a Scientist, connecting disadvantaged students around the world to diverse, working scientists.

And the list goes on. Be inspired, and then take action.

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Because hope arises from taking action. Next up is Thomas Benjamin Guerney. Thomas is a writer living in Melbourne.

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He was a co-founder of The Lifted Browand that's where most of his work was published for a while - mostly things like epic poems and limericks about countries of the world. His minute recorded and voice-acted-out post-apocalyptic poem Valcapella and Dwinn was called an "epic of heartbreak and awesomeness" by Daniel Handler a.

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Lemony Snicket. My story "The Mangrove Maker" is about Donna, a woman who creates synthetic mangroves to replace their natural counterparts dying from an incurable blight.

The synthetics also use artificial photosynthesis to create a source of energy both beautiful and sustainable.

I was inspired to tell a story that was both small and with emotional truth in a world of imagined future green technology. I hoped by focussing on the minutiae of this future world and its everyday relationships and conflicts, I could make that world, a sustainable world, seem as real as possible.

Ticonderoga Owner's Association and Recreational - General Information. Wild Land TICONDEROGA. Wonderous Lifestyles. We are always looking for help from members. Give us a call doors are always open. Ticonderoga Owners Association HC 75 Box Chama,NM e-mail: [email protected] call: Announcement. Message from Jose Carrillo, . Local Health & Wellness in the Ticonderoga Region The Ticonderoga area and surrounding regions offer a number of conventional medical services including hospitals, primary care physicians, dentists, pediatric care, women's healthcare services, and emergency medicine. In addition, many people are seeking ways to live a healthy lifestyles and improve their overall wellness. Here in the. Best Cafes in Ticonderoga, New York: Find traveler reviews of Ticonderoga Cafes and search by price, location, and more.

Living in a hedonistic post-scarcity society where all material wishes can be fulfilled, but still getting to maintain a level of moral and philosophic superiority, seems just great. Can we have that? They do things like fly into conflict zones and give volunteer medical assistance, or develop technology to clean up the oceans, or organise soccer teams to help newly resettled refugees find their feet in new communities.

From the classic No. Express yourself boldly with the high-performance ink and durable craftsmanship of Ticonderoga markers. Discover why our low-odor, non-toxic dry erase products are preferred from the classroom to the boardroom.

Dixon Ticonderoga is rooted in innovation and continues to embody the inventive spirit of our American visionary Joseph Dixon. Birth of the Dixon Pencil The son of a ship captain, Joseph Dixon had a curious mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoyed experimenting with various uses for graphite found on his father's sailing vessels. He mixed the mineral with clay and water, rolled. Ticonderoga. 10, likes 57 talking about this. The Official Fan Page of Ticonderoga. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @WeAreTiconderoga! Ticonderoga Publications 21st Century Australian Speculative Fiction PO Box 29 Greenwood WA Australia. Go to top.

With a history tracing back to the American Revolution, discover how the Ticonderoga came to be the world's best pencil. These points can then be banked and redeemed for free products - from stationery and writing instruments to arts and craft supplies. Crafting an Icon Celebrated the world over for its exclusive graphite core and satin-smooth finish, see how a Ticonderoga is made.

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