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Am I ready for the upcoming presentation? How long will it take me to fall asleep? Why is this always happening to me? All of these thoughts manifest as stress, an ever-present variable in our lives. You are not alone and as you will find out in this chapter, there are ways of coping and managing these stressors. Furthermore, there are ways that we can help communities better deal with these types of challenges.

Prior to the intervention, the team contacted local church agencies and asked about their experiences and what was truly needed. This process of inquiry resulted in another group of people with expertise in the community to be invited into the collaborative process.

The local collaborators included social workers, police officers, certified nursing assistants, staff from the four schools, church groups, and others who were directly affected by the natural disaster. It is not surprising that the team was quickly accepted and trusted by the community. Ponce-Rodas believes one contributor to this is her Puerto Rican heritage that helped bridge the intervention team to the community and facilitate connections between community members and those from the mainland.

Understanding the complexity of the coping process was one of the reasons Dr. Ponce-Rodas drew on her Community Psychology experience to partner with existing agencies on the island.

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Because so many community members had experienced symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder the intervention aimed at normalizing the emotional reactions affecting the individuals. The team reminded the community members participating in the intervention that the whole community was going through this and no one should feel isolated in their experience, and that it is normal to seek help from others when faced with adversity. The team also agreed that a strength-based approach fits this intervention well.

To help combat the loss and desperation, the community participants were encouraged to turn to the strengths the community still had.

Many heroic stories of selflessness and self-sacrifices emphasized resilience in the wake of such massive destruction and highlighted the power and strength in the community. The community members also often commented on their faith, which meant that the team included faith in their intervention. Coping can be aided by asking others for support to help overcome problems. Support-seeking strategies include seeking advice or information or direct assistance.

Individuals who engage in these types of help-seeking strategies are more likely to obtain social support.

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Seeking help from relatives may prove to be successful, which might contribute to it becoming a frequently employed coping mechanism. Having at least one friend in a recovery home was found to be about the best predictor among residents of recovery homes of having a good outcome, which involves not using drugs or engaging in illegal activities. To better understand what seeking support might be about, several community psychologists used focus groups to better understand natural friendship and mentoring relationships.

For example, participants were asked about how they determined who they would go to in the house for support, the type of support they received from housemates, and the characteristics that those individuals have.

The findings from the focus groups had a theme of promoting social support within their recovery homes, as one female participant explained:.

Instrumental supports were often related to the ability of other house members to provide tangible support for residents. As one female participant described:.

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Focus-group themes indicated that men were also able to form supportive relationships within the recovery home settings, but not as quickly as the females Lawlor et al. Some people are able to avoid negative outcomes and even thrive despite the adversity they face.

Why is it that some people are successful in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles? This question was at the heart of early studies of resilience.

Resilience is a dynamic process characterized by positive outcomes despite adversity or stress Luthar et al. In other words, resilience refers to how people maintain, or in some cases develop, healthy and positive outcomes in spite of stressful situations. The study of resilience stemmed from researrs who began to notice that a subset of their participants, often children facing significant adversity, did well despite their difficult circumstances.

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For example, Garmezy studied children of parents with schizophrenia. Among this group of at-risk children, all were expected to struggle in various cts of life and likely develop schizophrenia. But a subset of children exhibited surprisingly positive and adaptive behavioral patterns despite their level of risk.

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Another large-scale study recruited all of the children born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii Werner, The original goal of the study was to assess the long-term consequences of stressful living environments e. Most of the children living in these stressful environments struggled academically and behaviorally. Studies like these helped to shift our focus from a deficits-only approach to one more able to consider both deficits and strengths.

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Resilient children were thought to have been invulnerable and able to weather any storm. Traits found to characterize resilience include high creativity, effectiveness, competence, and ability to relate well to others.

Now, resilience is viewed as the interaction between the person and their environment, and given the right combination of individual and environmental supports, it might be possible for anyone to be resilient. From a Community Psychology perspective, research had found that these children are positively affected by their immediate and extended family networks and religious organizations Wright et al.

So far, we have considered resilience as an individual construct. Individuals can be resilient to adversity. However, it is also possible to apply this idea of resilience to groups of people. When adversity, like a disaster, financial struggle, or war strikes a community, will the community as a whole be able to overcome and bounce back? Resilient communities often have many characteristics in common. Communities that are resilient frequently have access to both resources and relationships that support resilient outcomes.

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In addition, resilient communities have strong community social networks in which people work together to achieve goals, with competent governance and leadership. Often there is also an economic investment, both before and after adversity strikes.

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Another important factor is individual, family, and government preparedness. And finally, resilient communities have positive attitudes and an acceptance of change Patel et al. Both research and community work is now being done to help communities build these resources and relationships to protect against adversity. From topoverty rates in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood in Chicago doubled.

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In addition, many residents in the neighborhood experienced significant trauma when they were younger. These adverse childhood experiences include living in extreme poverty; suffering physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; being exposed to community violence; having a parent struggling with substance abuse, or many other potentially traumatic experiences. Having adverse childhood experiences can be detrimental to emotional and physical health, and individuals who have experienced them are more likely to experience additional negative emotional or behavioral outcomes.

In recognition of the increasing poverty in the neighborhood and the trauma experienced by many residents, community leaders formed the Resilient Belmont Cragin Community Collaborative. Community Psychologists Suzette Fromm Reed and Judith Kent worked with Belmont Cragin leaders to help residents cope with adverse childhood experiences by facilitating trauma-informed programming at schools using mentoring, tutoring, and counseling to help at-risk youth stay on track.

They also helped train police to de-escalate the conflict. The Resilient Belmont Cragin Community Collaborative utilized existing community resources and established partnerships with resources outside of the community to ensure collective healing and growth.

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It brought together members of the community, from schools, health care settings, businesses, police departments, families, faith leaders, and others, to help residents address these traumatic experiences and thrive. Programs like these exemplify community resilience and help individuals, and the community as a whole, grow and heal together. There is a need to apply this type of work to help those from disadvantaged neighborhoods and communities who frequently experience chronic stressors.

We all experience stress. However, we respond to this stress in different ways. Sometimes low levels of stress can actually be helpful as it could motivate you to study for an exam.

Although the experience of stress is very subjective, stress elicits physiological, emotional, and cognitive reactions in us all. To deal with these stressors, we mobilize resources for coping with the problems confronting us.

The success of our coping efforts will depend on ourselves as well as the environmental challenge.

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For example, most of us have the resources to deal with the stress of a thunderstorm, but we might really be challenged if we are confronted with a tornado that comes through our neighborhood.

So there are different levels of stressors that we face.

In this chapter, we examined the relationship between stressors and coping, and we reviewed the different coping styles and the relationship between individual and context and coping outcomes, including resilience. We hope that this review of stress has provided you with some new insights about how you might use a variety of coping strategies to deal with stress and to work toward the reduction of stress among others.

Take the Chapter 13 Quiz. View the Chapter 13 Lecture Slides. Aldrich, D. Social capital and community resilience. American Behavioral Scientist59 2- Barker, G. Adolescents, social support and help-seeking behavior.

An international literature review and programme consultation with recommendations for action. Instituto Promundo, Brazil.

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n, E. Perspectives on Psychological Science7 2 Clarke, A. Coping with interpersonal stress and psychosocial health among children and adolescents: A meta-analysis. Journal of Youth and Adolescence35 1 Folkman, S. Coping: Pitfalls and promise. Annual Review of Psychology55 Garmezy, N. Children at risk: The search for the antecedents of schizophrenia.

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Part I. Conceptual model and research methods. Schizophrenia Bulletin1 8 Jason, L.

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Introduction to the field of Community Psychology. Jason, O.

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Glantsman, J. Ramian Eds.

Gina Rodriguez was born on July 30, , in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Her parents are Magali Rodriguez and Genaro Rodriguez. She has three siblings named, Ivelisse Rodriguez Simon and Rebecca Rodriguez. Gina Rodriguez grew up in the Belmont Cragin neighbourhood on Chicago's Northwest Side. 10/16/  She was raised in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest Side At the age of seven, Rodriguez performed at the salsa dance company Fantasia Juvenil Rodriguez was raised Catholic, and attended high school at St. Ignatius College Prep. With over 40 of its houses dating before , Belmont Cragin offers many historical and unique properties for homebuyers. Belmont Cragin originated from a saloon called Whiskey point in Population - Total 78,

Transition training for high school seniors. Cognitive Therapy and Research7 1 Luthar, S. Resilience and adversity. Lamb Eds. Lawlor, J. Natural mentoring in Oxford House recovery homes: A preliminary analysis. Journal of Groups in Addiction Recovery52- Lazarus, R. Psychometric Medicine55 Stress, appraisal, and coping. Masten, A. Ordinary magic: Resilience processes in development.

American Psychologist56 Patel, S. A systematic literature review of how it is defined in the literature. PLoS currents9ecurrents. Wright M. Resilience processes in development: Four waves of research on positive adaptation in the context of adversity.

Brooks Eds.

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Skinner E. Searching for the structure of coping: A Review and critique of category systems for classifying ways of coping. Psychological Bulletin2 Werner, E. How children become resilient: Observations and causations.

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Rodriguez performed at the salsa dance company Fantasia Juvenil, at the age of seven and continued dancing salsa until age seventeen. Regarding her ethnicity and nationalityshe is white American.

Moving to her personal life, age 32, actress Gina is in a romantic affair with Ben Schwartz. Her boyfriend Ben is an American actor, comedian, and writer.

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