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Having burst onto the scene as the unhinged Sylar in the hit television series, Heroes , Zachary Quinto has quickly become one of the most compelling actors around. Starring in a variety of television and movie projects since then, Quinto has built a really impressive library of content for himself. Whether he's playing an eerie character in the world of American Horror Story or dipping into the sci-fi world of Star Trek , Quinto has proven he's capable of real range. While his fans may have specific favorite roles of his, there's no doubt that critically, certain projects he has done have really stood out amongst the pack. As the middle of the reboot trilogy, Star Trek Into Darkness had the benefit of the characters already being set up, which helped this film simply leap into the action. However, they're quickly brought back when things go wrong and Spock showcases his brilliance throughout the film, which is played excellently by Quinto.

This is one of the stronger Star Trek movies, purely because the characters were so well developed by this stage, with this particular instalment being packed full of action. Not only did Zachary Quinto act in Margin Callplaying the character of Peter Sullivan, but he also worked as a producer on this movie as well. This was only Quinto's second major movie role, but it's one he thrived in as this film focused on a Wall Street bank during the financial problems from The movie cleverly takes place within just 24 hours and looks at different employees and how they deal with the crash taking place.

Quinto's character is actually the man who first discovers the financial crash is taking place within his particular bank, and therefore he is the one who has to break the news, which is a particularly dramatic moment in the film.

Focusing on basketball, and particularly the agent's side of the sporting world, Quinto plays the boss of an agency and he begins to put pressure and demands on his employees to get deals done as the company is losing money.

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The company has its cards frozen and they are locked out and against the odds, forcing the lead character, an agent, to really think outside the box. What is particularly impressive about this movie though, is the fact it was all shot on an iPhone.

Based upon characters involved in Thomas Harris' novels, Hannibal proved to be an incredibly popular television series. It was well written, bringing the same level of psychological tension that the movies and books that came before it also provided. Zachary Quinto only appeared in a couple of episodes, and his first appearance is easy to miss as he is simply on the floor, dead.

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But in the episode where he gets to really act, it is revealed exactly how his character, Neal Frank, ends up being murdered. He is killed by Hannibal's wife, Bedelia, after he tries to make her quit psychiatry as he complains about the work that Lecter did with him. The Star Trek movie reboot was a major project and a huge risk at the time, but it is one that absolutely paid off.

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This was Zachary Quinto's big break in the movie world and following his success with Heroeshe was certainly a popular choice for the major role of Spock.

The sci-fi film does a terrific job at setting up the world all over again, introducing the new actors in their roles, particularly with Kirk and Spock. A few days later, she emailed me with the details of W, "a successful entrepreneur who had travelled extensively and also liked folk music".

When I met him at a pub in Richmond, I was shocked. I was expecting a cultured and dynamic man, instead I got a man in a pair of jeans, a moth-eaten jumper and the table manners of a modern-day Baldrick. And therein lies the rub. These agencies trade on their exclusivity, yet the men I met were far from the super-elite they promised.

The mediocre men you pay to meet at 'elite' dating agencies. By Kate Mulvey. August 24, - am. Save. Log in, register or subscribe to save articles for later. Save articles for later. She's a self-confessed hyper-fussy divorcee who'd rather kiss her pet lambs than any man. So what happened when Liz Jones joined the world's swankiest dating agency to hook herself a millionaire? Sep 26, Zachary Quinto plays the character of Peter, who ends up dating Beth and provides real support for her. The movie is all about sacrifice as she does everything possible to get her son back, and it features a really impressive cast with the likes of Julianne Nicholson, Emma Roberts, Jason Biggs, and Jimmy Smits. 2 The Lavender Scare - 96 .

And the so-called "experts" were a group of ex-PR girls with swishy hair and ability to write up a nifty "press release". The thing I found most unnerving, though, was not being allowed to see what my date looked like, let alone have a pre-date chat with them before we met. All so important if you are to get a feel of someone.

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It wasn't too much of a surprise, then, that they rarely got it right. There was the year-old American with a stunning property portfolio, who broke the rules and googled me, only to inform me that I was too old for him; the barrister who invited me to his St James's club, and turned out to be prickly and aggressive; and a man who sold jumpers, who took me to dinner in Fulham and told me I should have worn a clingier dress.

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I was about to call it a day and demand my money back, when my matchmaker sent through the details of a publisher from Oxford. We met at a pub near his home. On date two, he said he really liked me and whisked me away to the Cotswolds.

Not wanting to appear presumptuous, he booked two rooms. I was quietly hopeful.

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He arrives, and although he is indeed tall and dark, resembling none other than Mr Big, I know in less than five seconds that I will never fancy him. But, after a few minutes, and much to my surprise, I start to enjoy his company immensely.

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What do you look for, I ask. He says women in New York are only interested in how much money a man makes.

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Don't you fancy the over-groomed, immaculate Manhattan type? I ask.

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The test is what they look like straight out of the shower. Oh dear. But I can tell he fancies me, this despite his lack of curiosity about me, and his disconcerting habit of continuing to talk into the remote of his mobile phone.

He keeps touching my arm and once, instead of saying, 'If I were to have a relationship with you', he says, 'If I were to have sex with you'. He is put off, though, when I tell him about my animals; particularly my anecdote about the fact I've trained my three lambs to kiss me on the mouth. That's a deal breaker. Men like to know they come first.

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After two hours, he pays for our drinks, apologising that he has to leave for a dinner engagement. He gives me his card, and asks me to ring him if I'm ever in New York again.

We say our goodbyes and I go to freeze in the snow, trying to hail a cab.

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After about ten minutes, a man asks if I need help. It doesn't bode well that it's my date, and I don't even recognise him!

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I think I cover up my amnesia, and he gallantly phones his driver to take me back to my hotel. He takes off his overcoat and buttons it around me, which I find presumptuous, as it ruins my outfit. I realise I am not very good at being looked after by a man, and that this comes across as detad frostiness.

As I get into his limo, he tries to kiss me and I'm afraid I duck, meaning he gets a mouthful of hair. As I am chauffered through the streets, alone yet again, I comfort myself with the realisation that I could, if I'd really wanted, have landed my very own Mr Big.

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My final date, back in Britain, is a disaster. Mairead calls and asks whether I am interested in someone aged 40 who is in politics. She says he is 'charismatic and bright', which I take to mean ' hopelessly ugly'. He calls me, and I don't like his voice, which is on the soprano side. We arrange to meet for dinner, but I'm past caring by this point, so I'm afraid my grooming is a little below par, but I think I still look nice - clean, anyway.

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He is at the table, already sitting down. He stands up; there is little difference. Why are men so short these days? I ask whether he keeps the fact that he uses an upmarket dating agency quiet, but he says no, why not use an expert to help him get what he wants? Which is? It turns out he was in a long-term relationship until two years ago, and is only just ready to date again.

He tells me he is 'past dating beauties with fake breasts and blonde hair, the sort who make you look good'. Do men really, in the 21st century, think those sort of women are an asset? He gets nervous when I say this. An hour and 45 minutes later, he asks for the bill.

As we leave the restaurant, he doesn't even offer to walk me to my car, which, given we are in Soho and it's late, I find quite cavalier.

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I learn a lot on my dates. That, despite money and success, men are as clueless and fearful about meeting potential partners as we are. That bankers aren't always boring, and that a lot of the talk about models and eye candy is just their way of ego-boosting.

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I learn that men and women have become mistrustful of each other but, most importantly, I learn not to be terrified of men, or to try too hard, or to yearn to be in my pyjamas watching telly instead because, you never know, it just might lead to something. I am quite gratified that I could have pulled a banker.

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Mr Big's post-date appraisal noted I was beautifully turned out, am not completely over my ex-husband but, even though I have far too many animals, 'if she lived in the U. I'm wondering, might there be a relationship?

I learn that men - even powerful ones - probably appreciate a bit of flirting to give them encouragement, something I find impossible to do and which is probably the reason I'm still single. I call Mairead to tell her she hasn't yet found me the perfect man, and she insists that, even with a dating agency, I have to keep putting myself 'out there'.

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I tell her I can't be bothered, and am heartened when she says: 'It's because you're not desperate that I know you will meet someone, with or without me.

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