CrossFit Yards is a CrossFit Affiliate Gym located in the Philadelphia suburb of Morrisville, PA.

A few facts about our gym:

–  We train our athletes using the CrossFit methodology.  We believe in the concept of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and strive to create balanced athletes who blend strength, speed, skill and endurance.

–  Our athletes are as diverse as a crowded subway car.  Some have significant athletic experience (runners, soccer players, martial artists), and others do not.  Some need CrossFit for their jobs (military, law enforcement, firefighters).  Some are just looking to lose a few pounds.  Still more are attracted by the broad range of workouts that we provide and just love the fun of it all!

–  We offer a broad range of services, including group classes, personal training and nutritional consultation.  That said, the ‘heart’ of our operation is the group class, as this format offers the best combination of training impact, group camaraderie and value-for-money.  Each session is truly unique..  Our members rely on the camaraderie and competition offered in class to produce results they couldn’t achieve by training alone.

       – Monday thru Friday there is a National Board Certified and PA licensed chiropractor who specializes in working with                                             athletes.  Dr. April Kotwicki is an internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.  To learn more, please click on the      link provided

–  Our brand new facility offers over 3000 sq ft of training space and a full suite of equipment required to get the true CrossFit experience.  We have bumper plates, pullup bars, two GHDs, rings, kettlebells, medicine balls and jerk blocks.  Oh, and tires, Atlas stones and other ‘odd’ implements lying around.  Fun!

–  We have six devoted trainers who are committed to your success.  All of our trainers have significant CrossFit chops and use practical training knowledge and engaging teaching styles to deliver an effective learning and training experience.